Emily Blunt rides Jungle Cruise for the first time at Disneyland movie premiere

Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson arrive via Jungle Cruise boat at the World Premiere of the film at Disneyland on July 24. (Disneyland)

Saturday night at Disneyland, Jungle Cruise, the big-budget adventure picture starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt, made its way to the big screen.

During the global premiere of the new film at Disneyland, “Jungle Cruise” star Emily Blunt rode the famous 1955 Jungle Cruise boat ride for the first time with co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, saying she was a little embarrassed by the error.

Blunt told the Hollywood Reporter, “I don’t think I’ve done my research.”

Over the weekend, Disneyland held the film premiere of “Jungle Cruise,” featuring Blunt, Johnson, and co-stars Edgar Ramrez on the red carpet. Sulem Calderon, Veronica Falcon, and Jack Whitehall

Blunt and Johnson initially walked the Disneyland red carpet after exiting the Jungle Cruise boat ride in Adventureland – the actress’s first experience on the attraction as an adventurous explorer in the film.

Disney Parks Presents: Jungle Cruise: Animals!

What did Blunt think of her first Jungle Cruise ride?

“It was beautiful and nostalgic and magical and whimsical and fun,” Blunt told the Hollywood Reporter. “It was surreal riding it knowing that we’re in the movie of it. It was weird for me. It was kind of mad.”

Johnson, who portrays a riverboat captain in the new film, is a huge fan of Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise attraction.

Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game

“This one, you can’t get him off a Jungle Cruise ride,” Blunt told the Hollywood Reporter. “Fifty times he’s been on it. Loves a pun and loves the ride.”

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Johnson had a good time sitting next to Blunt on her first Jungle Cruise ride.

“The ride is really a distilled-down, charming version of the movie,” Johnson said on the red carpet. “I loved sitting next to her in the boat watching her watch all of these elements of Jungle Cruise that are so rudimentary.”

Blunt was happy to remind everyone who was following the livestream of the “Jungle Cruise” red carpet arrivals that Johnson got stuck on Disneyland’s Mad Tea Party tea cups.

The movie premiere of “Jungle Cruise” took place at Disneyland’s Fantasyland Theatre, which was equipped with seat cushions and seat backs affixed to the outdoor theater’s metal bench seats.

Following the premiere, the cast was treated to an after-party in Adventureland, which included rides on the Jungle Cruise, Indiana Jones Adventure, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Blunt had her first Dole Whip at the occasion, which did not go well.

“I spilt Dole Whip all down my jumpsuit,” Blunt stated in a video shared to The Rock’s Instagram.


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Jungle Cruise (Little Golden Book)

On July 30, the much-delayed “Jungle Cruise” film will be released in theaters and, for an extra price, on Disney+. In preparation for the film’s debut, Disneyland renovated the Jungle Cruise attraction to eliminate racial caricatures from the 1955 boat ride.

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