Former Disney cast member reveals what you should never ask them: ‘We’re not here to be your friends’

Disney theme parks are well-known for providing exceptional customer service through its cast members.

With Disney cast members, you can always expect warm, courteous encounters. That doesn’t mean you should take advantage of them, though. In fact, one former Disney cast member, @dappermanatee, detailed his precise reaction when consumers overstepped by asking inappropriate questions.

“It’s our job. We’re not here to be your friends. Don’t ask me to bend rules for you,” he said. “Don’t ask me to get you in the park. That’s the weirdest part.”

Strangers would spot his name badge and ask if they might obtain free entrance, according to the TikToker. No was always the response.

Another issue he brought up was that if you meet a Disney employee who is not in uniform, fight the desire to ask them for directions because they are not on duty. When customers were being impolite, he would purposefully give them the wrong directions.

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“Do not ask me to get you a VIP with Crush or any character, for that matter,” he added.

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TikTokers shared their experiences at Disney parks in the comments.

“When we went for our honeymoon, so many cast members went above to make magic FOR us. Never asked for or expected. But that free Mickey ice cream hit,” someone commented.

“Also applies to retail, food service, and hospitality,” a person wrote.

“I’ve been to a few parks but Disney parks have the nicest people. even on their bad days they are exceptional,” another said.

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