Anyone who wants to visit A Bug’s Land at Disney California Adventure has until Sept. 4, because on Sept. 5 it’s going to be another splat on the theme park’s windshield of progress.

The area is going legs-up to make way for Marvel superheroes, a move being cheered by all but two sets of people: Easily entertained toddlers, and moms of said toddlers who will miss the kiddie rides that distracted their tots long enough for some quality wine time.

Bug’s Land has long served as a reminder that Imagineers can and do make mistakes.

Not only was Bug’s Land based on one of Pixar’s weakest films — only the “Cars” sequels are in its rear-view mirror — but rides are aimed solely at those with early-stage motor neurons (small children).

Joining the list of extinct attractions will be Flik’s Flyers, where small cars whirl in ways to make preschoolers shriek with joy and parents wince with joint discomfort. (Though it’s reported the ride will be re-themed and moved to Pixar Pier as the Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind.)

Also gone will be Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train and its sluggish crawl through a post-apocalyptic landscape of decaying, half-eaten food. The rest of the rides could have been lifted from a passing county fair.

Even Disney acknowledged the error in March when it closed the main attraction, “It’s Tough to be a Bug” 4D show, a move that all but sprayed pesticide on Bug’s Land.

While the theme was fine (life seen from an insect’s point of view) and the alcohol not far away (just around the corner at Pacific Wharf), few will miss Bug’s Land.

Disney has released few details about the superhero-themed land, other than that it will be based on its Marvel franchise and open in 2020.

For those parents wishing for the blissful minutes provided by preschoolers fully engaged with their surroundings, there’s still It’s a Small World. And no, Disney is not contemplating putting in a beer and wine stand in the queue area, despite how great an idea that is.

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