Although price hikes at Disneyland Resort have been the norm, it doesn’t mean that fans are thrilled about it. It was revealed yesterday that Magic Key Annual Pass renewals will be available, which was long-awaited news for Disneyland lovers. The price of the Magic Keys was also revealed. How much will they cost?   A lot, the answer is a lot.

What Is the Disneyland Magic Key Program? 

The Magic Key program is the newest version of Disneyland annual passes. Similar to the resort’s previous iteration, the 35-year-running Disney Annual Passports, Magic Keys allow pass holders to enter one or both of the parks at Disneyland Resort as much or, since blackout dates may apply, almost as much as they want. (However, no Disneyland season pass is available. Since The Happiest Place on Earth is open 365 days a year, this is a yearlong commitment.)

Along with year-round theme park access, Disney Magic Key Annual Pass holders can also take advantage of a host of benefits, including merchandise and dining discounts, pass holder-only items and experiences, first looks at new Disneyland offerings, and even their own special month with even more perks.

Disneyland 65th Anniversary Castle with Mickey Pop! TownThe two most expensive Magic Keys went up in price by $150 and $200 for the year, while the new Inspire Key, which was previously the most expensive choice, now costs more but has blackout dates that make the parks unavailable on Christmas and New Year’s Day. Not surprisingly, many Twitter users are unhappy about this.

Fans are becoming increasingly irritated by the recent price hikes and the introduction of new paid extras like Genie+. It’s logical that visitors might long for the days before the epidemic, when FastPass was provided at no cost and no reservations were needed to enter the parks.

Furthermore, price hikes are understandable if you’re an individual buyer trying to get a Magic Key. Every price rise is felt even more keenly by couples and families, as each member of the group must have their own admission ticket to the park at the same time.

Naturally, even if you desire a Magic Key, you can’t have one right now if you don’t already have one. A few months ago, Disneyland Resort ceased selling Magic Keys, and tomorrow, the only people who will be able to buy them are those who are renewing their existing passes. There has been no announcement regarding the release date or availability of more Magic Keys.

The overarching problem is that it is getting more and more difficult to visit Disneyland, what with the rising cost of admission, the introduction of Genie+, and the inherently flawed reservation system. The price increase for the Magic Key won’t make it any simpler to enter the parks, even if you have the money and don’t let it deter you from buying one.

In addition, even if you are prepared to shell out the cash, there is still a chance that something better may come along. In some cases, you won’t be able to. For individuals who don’t renew on day one because they delayed a few months to buy the pass, the pass they desire, even the pass they had previously, may not be accessible by the time they do get a chance to buy back in, forcing them to either spend more or receive less.

Only if consumers respond to price increases and blackout dates by not buying will anything change. It’s hard to say right now whether or not that’ll happen, but it hasn’t in the past, and that’s why we’re in this position.

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