Walt Disney World and Disneyland are places where you can feel like you’re really in your favorite movies. From Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to Toy Story Land to Avengers Campus, there are places where you can feel like you are in your favorite movies. Soon, we’ll be able to step into the worlds of Tron and Moana at Walt Disney World, but it’s time for Disney Parks to try something new and make an attraction based on the Alien movies.

Ridley Scott’s Alien was a groundbreaking movie that led to one great sequel and a number of other sequels and prequels that not everyone likes as much. But the fact that so many Alien movies are still being made shows how much people still love the series, which is why it would be great to turn it into an attraction at a theme park. Now is the time for an Alien attraction to open at one of the Disney Parks.

We Almost Had An Alien Attraction Already, Twice

Back when Michael Eisner was CEO of The Walt Disney Company, when things were going well, he tried to get more teenagers to visit Disney Parks by making attractions that they would like more. This is how rides like Star Tours, Indiana Jones Adventure, and Splash Mountain came to be, but Disney also bought the Alien theme park rights from Fox.

Some people in Walt Disney Imagineering told Eisner that the idea of an action-packed Alien attraction was too scary for Disney, so the plans were scrapped. Instead, we’d only get an Alien-themed scene with animatronics as part of the now-defunct Great Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which was a new theme park at the time.

But as part of a redesign of Tomorrowland in the 1990s, the idea of an Alien attraction would be thought about again. The plan was to change most of the Mission to Mars attraction into something that would let people get close to a Xenomorph. Imagineers, this time with the help of George Lucas, were able to convince Eisner that Alien was too mature for the Magic Kingdom because it was an R-rated movie. Eisner finally agreed that the new attraction wouldn’t be based on the franchise. Lucas and Imagineers then came up with a new idea that was still scary but a bit more Disney.

ExtraTERRORestrial: Alien Encounter, a new and different attraction, first opened in 1995. Most people think that this attraction is the scariest thing Disney has ever made. Alien Encounter would have to put up warning signs outside to let people know what to expect, and even though many people liked the ride, it would only be open for eight years before closing because most people didn’t like it. People thought it was too scary and not enough like Disney, but a lot has changed since then.

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Now, the Alien Queen is almost Disney princess…

The fact that The Walt Disney Company now owns 20th Century Fox is the first big change. This means that Disney doesn’t have to pay for a license to make an Alien attraction because it already owns the franchise. Even though Fox IP hasn’t taken over the Disney Parks yet, it’s only a matter of time before that happens, just like it did with Star Wars and Marvel.

Disney will want to use the intellectual property it owns in any way it can, even if it is not rated R. This means that Fox properties will be turned into theme park attractions. We know that both a new Alien series and a new Alien movie are on the way. The show won’t be officially made by Disney, but we all know that’s who’s behind it. Why shouldn’t Disney make Alien content for another place?

Disney is changing its brand.

In reality, it’s starting to feel a lot less strange when a Disney subsidiary makes a new Alien or Predator movie like Prey. In the past few months, we’ve seen Disney move all of the Marvel shows from Netflix to Disney+. These shows were all much more mature than the movies. Movies like Logan and Deadpool are now available on the streaming service.

Even though Disney will always be known for family entertainment, the line between that and “adult” entertainment is becoming less clear. If a movie that is obviously for older people can be on Disney+, why can’t an attraction that is for older people be in the Disney Parks? It seems like it won’t be long before this rule is also broken.

There is already a lot of interest in one scary ride at Disneyland.

Guardians of the Galaxy Baby Groot Something Wild Pop! Card GameThe rule has already been broken in some ways. During Halloween, Guardians of the Galaxy: Monsters After Dark, a special Halloween version of the Marvel-themed drop tower ride, can be seen at Disney California Adventure. The ride is scary enough that, like ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter before it, it has signs in front that, while keeping with the theme, are meant to let people know that what they’re getting here is a little different from the usual ride.

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Even though Monsters After Dark isn’t as scary as Alien Encounter was, it’s clear that Disney thinks it’s scary enough that guests need to be ready. However, nobody is really arguing that the ride is too scary to be in the park. If nothing else, the Halloween Guardians ride sets a new standard for how scary things can be in the Disney Parks. We can probably push things a little further now that we’re here.

Even though there are many R-rated movies in the Alien series, there’s no reason why an attraction would need to be so mature. Alien Encounter was open to all guests, and it’s likely that the same would be true of any other Alien attraction. It can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be something that kids shouldn’t see.

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There is also nothing wrong with having attractions that some guests might find too scary. There are lots of times like that at theme parks, and just because Disney is Disney doesn’t mean the company should try to avoid them. New fans have always thought that Marvel and Star Wars movies were made by Disney. Eventually, everyone will know that some of Disney’s content is only for older people. This can happen on both big and small screens, as well as at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

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