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Meet Disney Genie Plus, the New FastPass+ Replacement at Disney

Walt Disney World has just released information on the new Disney Genie Plus service, which will replace FastPass Plus and My Magic Plus. Disney Genie Plus is a new paid FastPass-style service that allows customers to make reservations for more than 40 attractions across all four theme parks on the same day they visit the resort.

The new Disney Genie Plus Walt Disney World service is modeled on the popular Disneyland MaxPass program, which debuted a few years ago. Guests pay a one-time charge and then use their smartphones to make reservations for their favorite attractions. In addition, Disney introduced a new service for top-tier attractions throughout the resorts for customers to use.

What exactly is Walt Disney World’s Disney Genie Plus?

The new Disney Genie Plus program is part of the Disney Genie service, a new effort launched by Disney. This is a new free planning feature within the My Disney Experience app that allows customers to personalize their whole day by providing predicted wait times for attractions, tip boards, and the chance to join restaurant waitlists.

I’m looking forward to the addition of information such as predicted wait times and the option for customers to join eating waitlists. I’m sure Disney has had this technology for a while, but we’re now getting to use it. That’s fantastic!

The new Disney Genie Plus program at Walt Disney World is the paid component of the Disney Genie service. Over 40 of your favorite Walt Disney World attractions from all four theme parks are included in this new premium program. Guests who have bought Disney Genie can make their first Disney Genie Plus reservation for the day beginning at 7 a.m.

Take a look at this amazing animation showcasing some of the new services offers.

As a Disneyland fan who enjoyed MaxPass, I am really thrilled about the launch of this new program at Walt Disney World.

The new Disney Genie Plus and Disney Genie services will be available at Walt Disney World and Disneyland later this fall, according to Disney.

You may also look at this infographic to get a brief summary of the new program!

What Disney Genie Plus attractions will be available at Walt Disney World?

At Walt Disney World, Disney Genie Plus will comprise over 40 attractions spread throughout all four theme parks. Using the Lightning Lane entry, you will select the next available time on the day of your visit for a range of activities and attractions.

The majority of the attractions and experiences with Lightning Lane entry will be the same ones that previously provided the now-retired FastPass+ option.

All attractions will continue to provide regular standby or virtual lines, with Lightning Lanes gaining priority, same to how FastPass+ works.

Disney Genie Plus Premium Attractions Lightning Lanes

Disney also introduced a new Lightning Lanes service, which allows customers to purchase one-time admission to the most popular Walt Disney World attractions on the same day they arrive. This service will be quite limited in scope. Disney has already listed Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train as attractions that will be included in this new premium service at Walt Disney World. These attractions are NOT included of the Disney Genie Plus package. You will be able to reserve up to two return times each day for these popular attractions.

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This is the one part of the announcement that most closely resembles the new paid FastPass experience at Disneyland Paris. I understand that this service is relatively limited in scope and only available on the most expensive attractions.

We will continue to update this list with new information on Disney’s premium Lightning Lanes service as it becomes available.

What is the price of Disney Genie Plus at Walt Disney World?

At Walt Disney World, the new Disney Genie Plus will cost $15 per day per guest. This is actually $5 less per day per person than Disneyland’s Disney Genie Plus service.

If you wish to reserve any of the Disney Genie Select Lightning Lanes, you will have to pay an extra fee, which has so far only been confirmed to include the new Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure (coming October 1st!) and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. It is conceivable that more attractions will be added to the list over time, but for the time being, this is all that Disney has indicated.

But “What about Rise of the Resistance?”, you may ask?

When Disney Generie Plus begins, you may now have two options to resist: acquire a boarding group or take Disney Genie to the attraction!

An interview with Josh Damaro on D23 shows,

Now there’s another option on top of the virtual queue so if Rise of the Resistance is the reason you’re at Disneyland or Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there will be an option for you to purchase Rise of the Resistance. So again: flexibility, optionality, better guest experience overall.

Sounds like Rise of the Resistance will be an additional upcharge, not included with the standard Disney Genie Plus price, but we’ll confirm as soon as we have more details!

When is Disney Genie Plus to start?

No precise date has yet been revealed with Disney merely saying that later this fall the new service will commence. The new service is expected to be in place before the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World which will commence on 1 October.

What about the Disability Guest DAS program?

The existing DAS program will also gain additional improvements, such as pre-registration and selection of attractions via the app for DAS participants. The DAS Program is greatly improved as it might be difficult for visitors to identify locations that provide a new DAS time for the member of the guest services.

You can use live video chat to register for the program up to 30 days before your meeting with a cast member. During the video conversation, you may use the new advance planning option for DAS to pick two experiences a day as well.

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What else is included in Walt Disney World’s new Disney Genie Plus service?

The Disney Genie Plus service at the Walt Disney World is also offered to guests with supplementary benefits. Disney has mentioned some advantages so far:

  • Augmented Reality Lenses for use throughout Walt Disney World
  • Exclusive behind the scenes audio tours with appearances from Walt Disney Imagineers that make the Disney magic

Are there any unique benefits offered to Walt Disney World Hotel guests?

Walt Disney World hotel guests will be able to purchase from non-hotel guests portion of Lightning Lane’s limited access. Disney Genie’s planning service will also be included in hotels at Walt Disney World to propose starting your day.

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What about folks not buying Disney Genie Plus?

Disney said that all the attractions across the Themeparks are supported by the general standby and virtual lines. Some visitors opt not to use the new service Disney Genie Plus, and that is all OK. The Disney Genie app services will be available to all guests. For some days of your Walt Disney World holiday you can also select to utilize Disney Genie Plus for others rather than others.

The app offerings of Disney Genie include:

  • Personalized itinerary planning
  • Continually updated tip board
  • Forecasted future and current wait times for attractions
  • Virtual assistant
  • Mobile order
  • Restaurant waitlist, check-in and reservations
  • Attraction virtual queues (available at select attractions)

The Disney Genie App will update it throughout the whole day, which will like Disney’s own private intellect on park fans and trends! I’m extremely thrilled about the option to make custom route planning! The tip board is continually updated and organizes with current and future expected wait times to rank your favorites.

The new Disney Genie service offers many of the same capabilities as the My Experience application, but with more advantages! This will be a wonderful method for guests to explore and plan their vacations to Walt Disney World.

The aforementioned video may also be watched to learn how Disney Genie functions in real time.

For more details on Disney Genie, visit and and check out this video from Gary Daniels, Vice President of Digital Experience. Stay tuned to for updates real soon, including how to purchase Disney Genie+.

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