Ten Stages of Disneyland Withdrawal

Visiting the Disneyland Resort is a pure joy. We can’t think of many things that bring us as much happiness and delight as heading to Anaheim, skipping right down the middle of Main Street, U.S.A. and chomping down on a churro between riding our favorite attractions. If we could, we would ideally like to leave behind our “real life” nine to five jobs, pesky bills, and responsibilities, and trade them in for days filled with the sweet, sweet serenades of the Dapper Dans, endless pictures with Mickey and Minnie, and trips through the cosmos whenever we please. Every time we leave Disneyland we feel the sadness and gloom that only a true Disney fan can understand. As Disney Insider editor Drew said,

“When I leave Disneyland, I feel like Jack in the fourth season of LOST: I have to go back to the island.”

We understand that sentiment, and did our best to describe it via the many stages of Disneyland withdrawal. See if you feel these feels like we do:


1The parting ride from the escalator to the parking garage induces utter despair.

When you walk away from Sleeping Beauty castle, you begin to feel pangs of sadness, and as you travel from the tram to the escalator, sadness begins to set in. You feel gloomier than a ghost stuck in the Haunted Mansion. In fact, the ghosts in Haunted Mansion probably feel happier than you do right now—at least they get to stay at Disneyland.

2You find yourself daydreaming about eating a Dole Whip.

Shortly after you arrive back home from Disneyland and consume a boring, regular meal, you start to remember how good all those Disneyland treats tasted. Visions of Dole Whips begin to dance in your head, and that’s when you know you’re well on your way to planning your next Disneyland visit.

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3You start a Disney fund.

You realize it’s time to start saving those pennies for your next adventure in the park. (Who better to inspire your economic pursuits than Ellie and Carl?)

4You start crafting a new pair of Mickey ears.

You then proceed to wear said Mickey ears around everywhere you go.

5You find yourself listening to the music from your favorite Disneyland rides over, and over again.

The music in the rides is part of what makes them so magical. When you listen to it, you can close your eyes and almost pretend you are there. You even listen to that one song (it’s a small world) on repeat.

6You find yourself doing dance moves from Disneyland shows.

You may find yourself in the aisle at the grocery store suddenly busting out Mickey’s dance moves from “Fantasmic!”, or twirling around your house like Belle. This is part of the process. Embrace it (and maybe find a dance partner to go along with it).

7You consume as many Disney-related quizzes and articles as humanly possible.

We are especially impartial to this point, because we love Disney articles, quizzes, listicles, and videos. We like taking the “How Many Of These Disneyland Attractions Have You Been On?” quiz to relive the magic, and also brag to our Facebook friends about our extreme Disney love. You can truly never read too many Disney articles, and that’s a fact, friends.

8You see your friends’ Disneyland and Disney California Adventure pictures on social media and experience critical levels of FOMO.

9You take an inventory of your pin collection.

Taking an inventory of your pin collection is both a great way to figure out which pins you still need and t go on a little stroll down memory lane. Remember when you snagged that hidden Mickey pin?

10You start drafting your packing and to-do lists for your next trip immediately.

One day your bank will be full, and so will your heart! It will be time to start strategizing for your next trip to Disneyland, or even, dare we say it, Walt Disney World?

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