Although she doesn’t always go for the rides, Rebecca Marcus frequently visits Disneyland.

It’s about how being there makes me feel and the memories I make, not necessarily how many rides I do in a day,” she told a href=” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”> SFGATE/a>. “Just being able to smell the magic, hear the music, and see Mickey is good enough for me.”

Marcus considers going to the mouse to be self-care. “When life sucks, we need a source of light and joy. For me, that’s Disneyland. Yes, it’s more crowded, yes, it takes a little more effort and commitment now, but I’m still of the mindset where I’m just happy to be there.”

However, Marcus’ annual pass and the countless other Disneyland Magic Keys bought in the first few days of the program’s launch will expire on September 1. In response to an SFGATE inquiry concerning Magic Keys, several of those fans stated that the thought of having to purchase single-day tickets is enough to deter them from attending, at least until they can get their credentials back.

“Ours expired last week (converted Military Salute tickets),” Michele Alexus Henning told SFGATE via Facebook. “We are going to ride it out and see if they offer a renewal or new pass. If not, we will be pretty much done going to Disneyland going forward. We used our passes at least 2-4 times a month. Can’t see paying [for] regular tickets for those days.”

The first Magic Keys went on sale on August 25, 2021, but some customers, like Henning, have earlier expiration dates because they converted multi-day tickets into annual passes before using the last day of the standalone ticket, and the passes activated backwards to the first day the ticket was used. Those who purchased Magic Keys on the day of their official release risk losing them in the coming weeks.

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“I think executives think many of us Magic Key holders will buy tickets if the program doesn’t come back,” she continued, “but the reality is my family would not spend that kind of money on tickets per month and we would probably just be back two or three times a year.”

One day’s worth of tickets for a family of two adults and two children could range from $404 (for single-park tickets at the least expensive tier) to $878. (for park hopper tickets at the most expensive tier, offered on peak attendance days).

Some, though, trust that a new program will be coming shortly. “I expire in 45 days,” Ally Shelby told SFGATE. “I’ve happily used my Magic Key 40 times. Eagerly waiting to see what is offered. I will renew no matter what.”

The passes have been in flux ever since Disneyland introduced the Magic Key program, a redesign of their pre-pandemic Annual Pass program.

In October 2021, the most costly Magic Key, the $1,399 Dream Key, was gone, and the next most expensive tier followed shortly after. No yearly passes were still on sale on the Disneyland website as of June this year. If Disney had continued to provide renewals 40 days before to expiration, as had previously been indicated on their website, the change would have been made just one month before the earliest Magic Key buyers would have been eligible for renewal.

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