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Walt Disney World and Disneyland will now charge visitors up to $20 a day to skip lines for rides, a perk that was previously free


FastPass, which enabled customers to avoid ride waits for free at Disney World and Disneyland, is being phased out.
Customers would now have to spend $15 to $20 per ticket to bypass queues, according to the parks.
Disney’s parks, which were severely impacted by the epidemic, have yet to recover to profitability.

Customers will have to pay an additional fee to avoid ride queues at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

On Wednesday, the entertainment parks in California and Florida announced that the FastPass benefit, which enabled parkgoers to avoid queues for free, will be phased out.

Customers who wish to bypass queues at Disney World will now have to pay $15 per ticket per day and $20 per ticket per day at Disneyland to use the new Disney Genie+ service, according to the parks.

The epidemic took a heavy toll on Disney’s amusement parks across the world, forcing some to close for months before returning at a reduced capacity. According to the most recent financial report, the company’s parks division has yet to return to profitability.

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The head of Disney Parks and Resorts, Josh D’Amaro, told The New York Times that the Genie tool would generate cash that Disney could reinvest in experiences. He also stated that it is intended to improve the consumer experience.

Nonetheless, after years of being able to bypass lines for free, some consumers are sure to find the additional price difficult to swallow.

D’Amaro said;

“Change is change, so it will take a moment for the guest to understand what this is, But we are very, very confident in this tool and its ability to improve the guest experience over all.”


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