Disney Launches Disney Enchanted Tales on iOS, Android

Disney announced the release of Disney Enchanted Tales on iOS and Android. The kingdom-building game allows users to construct buildings and interact with characters from popular Disney films.

In Disney Enchanted Tales, players begin by choosing one of three stories: Beauty and the Beast, Frozen or Tangled. From there, they can start building structures and unlocking characters from their chosen films. For instance, if players choose Beauty and the Beast, they can construct buildings like Belle’s Cottage and the Bookshop.

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Players will begin with access to a few characters from their chosen tales, and they can send these characters to complete timed tasks in order to complete quests or earn extra experience points and coins. Users can also unlock additional characters over time.

Specifically, users will need to collect the right resources to unlock new characters for their kingdoms. Gamers can collect resources by sending characters to complete specific timed tasks, or by collecting from specific buildings in their kingdoms (buildings automatically generate coins and experience points, as well as resources, over time).

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Characters can earn experience points as they complete specific tasks. As characters level up, they’ll unlock additional timed tasks to complete.

Each character has their own individual storyline of quests to complete, and the game’s guide, the Fairy Godmother, will also give players separate quests to complete. Finally, players can complete daily challenges to earn extra rewards.

While players begin with characters and buildings from a single story, they’ll unlock an additional story as they reach levels six and 13. Players can choose the stories they’d like to unlock when they reach these levels. While only three stories are available at launch, more stories will be added to the game going forward.

Disney Enchanted Tales is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.


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