Disney Theory: Was Frozen Created To Hide The Truth About Walt Disney?

Disney found great success upon the release of Frozen in 2013, but a crazy theory wonders if the entire movie only exists to hide the truth behind Disney’s founder, Walt Disney. The businessman launched his future empire in 1923 and began to break through in 1928 with the creation of Mickey Mouse, who Walt provided the voice for. They pumped out cartoon shorts for years, until Walt pushed to make full feature-length animated movies, starting with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937.

The success of their first animated movie spawned the creation of more films like Pinocchio and Dumbo, which are now revered as classics of the medium. As the studio’s notoriety grew with their latest hits, Walt’s vision grew to include theme parks, TV shows, and more. But, Walt was unable to see all his goals through as he was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1966 and died in December of that year. After his passing, Disney’s dominance only continued to grow to the point where they are now the biggest and most successful studio on an annual basis.

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This power is now under a microscope of fan theories, and the latest Screen Rant video takes a look at one specific theory about Walt, his death, and what Frozen may have to do with it. The theory is based on a long-standing conspiracy that Walt was frozen upon his death so that he could be brought back to life in the future. And as this theory goes, Disney made Frozen in an effort to bury this thought in an internet driven world.

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This theory is certainly among the wilder fan theories that exist, so is it plausible? As noted in the video, the conspiracy theories about Walt Disney being frozen when he died was the first search result for the topic prior to Frozen being made. Even though Disney the company has gone to some lengths to maintain a certain public image for Walt (like removing cigarettes from photos of him at the parks), making a movie solely to bury a conspiracy theory through search engines and SEO seems like too big of a stretch. That said, the conspiracy has director Ken Annakin as a supporter as he said in Leonard Mosley’s “Disney’s World” book, but Walt’s daughter Diane refuted such a theory many years before.

Regardless of Disney’s motivations behind making Frozen, they must be happy they did. It’s the highest grossing animated movie of all-time, earning a staggering $1.2 billion. The studio is now set to release Frozen 2 later this year and have already released the first trailer for it. The Frozen franchise is here to stay, even if the movie was created to hide a major conspiracy.


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