How Much are Your Disney VHS Tapes Worth?

Wait! Don’t throw those old Disney VHS tapes away (or sell them for $1 at your next garage sale.)

Wondering how much your old Dumbo, Bambi or Jungle Book VHS tape is worth these days???

According to this recent article from, your Disney tapes are probably worth something, but old Disney VHS values are not remotely close to as much as has been widely reported.

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Over the past few years,numerous posts on blogs and news sites have sprung up reporting that rare “Black Diamond” editions of the Disney classics on VHS were going for tens of thousands of dollars on eBay. This was due to the rarity of the series of tapes.

Snopes points out in their investigative piece that, while there are a number of Black Diamond listings for thousands of dollars on eBay, there are only few that have fetched over $20. Thus indicating that it is a case of hopeful suppliers and uninterested buyers. They further explain that the Disney Black Diamond VHS tapes are not exactly rare, but are becoming collectible.

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Here is a handy list of the Disney Black Diamond VHS releases.

All hope is not lost. As we all know, just about everything goes up in value over time, so these Disney VHS tapes may not be worth that much now, but keep them and eventually they will. In the meantime, you have a great video on your hands. Grab some popcorn and enjoy it! (if you still have a VHS player)