Walt Disney Worlds Best Kept Secrets Revealed

You’re never more than 30 steps from a trash can and why the American flags are missing a star: Walt Disney World’s best-kept secrets revealed.

Over 20million people visit Walt Disney World in Florida every year – but despite the fact that it’s one of the most visited and photographed theme parks in the world, it still has its secrets.

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For example, the layout of the park has been more cleverly designed than you might imagine, with trash cans placed at the optimum distance apart to ensure it’s a litter-free zone.
And each land has been carefully constructed to stop you seeing too much at once.

These secrets, plus 16 more, have been revealed in an infographic designed by travel agency Globehunters.

Others include the location for the best photo opportunities of Cinderella’s Castle and how to discover secret light and music shows that many people miss. It also reveals why there are never any lost children and why the park’s American flags have a star missing.

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Scroll down for a guide that’ll give you the know-how to work the park like a pro.