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Cinderella Castle Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World increases ticket prices (again) ahead of ‘Star Wars’ opening

Visiting the “Most Magical Place on Earth” can easily break the bank these days. Walt Disney World this week...
Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure

Disney World’s Biggest Rival Keeps Betting Big on Harry Potter

Just as Walt Disney was raising some of its ticket prices on Tuesday, Universal Orlando parent Comcast was trying to raise the...

John Ratzenberger Joins the Voice Cast for Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy

At Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy, the high-octane show debuting later this month as part of the overall transformation of Disney’s Hollywood Studios,...

Walt’s Frozen Head,’ filmed secretly on Disney property, premieres online March 14

Finally, everyone has a chance to see the underground future cult classic The Further Adventures of Walt's Frozen Head. University of Central...
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