10 Best Disney World Rides for Kids Under 10

disney world kids unforgettable happens heer
disney world kids unforgettable happens heer

What do the best Disney World rides for kids under 10 have in common? They are eye-catching, full of fun, have manageable wait times and include some unexpected surprises. Part of the fun of choosing a ride is the anticipation—seeing logs crashing down from the peak of Splash Mountain enhances the experience, and knowing what is coming makes waiting a little easier.

Plan to spend time visiting each Disney theme park, and take advantage of the Fastpass+ system to see as many of these great attractions as possible.

1Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom)

Splash Mountain dominates Frontierland and is sure to draw the eye of every child in your travel party. Most kids under 10 will enjoy traveling on this wet and wild flume ride, and it is a good “test” attraction to see if your child is ready for the more thrilling Disney attractions. This ride has a height restriction, so if you have preschoolers in your group plan on waiting at the mini playground near the ride entrance.

Tip: Head to Splash Mountain early in the day, or use Fastpass+, this popular attraction usually has a long line by lunchtime.