10 free activities to do on your next Disney vacation!

It’s no secret that Disney trips are extremely expensive based just on ticket prices. Take advantage of the free activities and events at the resorts and parks while you’re there. You may also watch fireworks, engage on scavenger hunts, learn to sketch, and do a variety of other activities for free.

Check out some of our favorite things to do at Disney for free!

12Theme parks and resorts have hidden scavenger hunts.

The “Tangled” area in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland has hidden chameleons

Many of Disney’s resort hotels offer complimentary scavenger hunts throughout the year. They are frequently themed around holidays and other occasions.

You may obtain a clue sheet from an employee or at guest services, and you’ll even get a little prize if you complete your quest successfully.

If you already have theme park tickets, there’s a scavenger hunt in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland’s beautifully adorned “Tangled” restroom area.

There are ten hidden chameleons, and Disney has produced a treasure hunt guide to assist tourists in finding them all.