Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes or “backstage” in a Disney film? Andhika Muksin, a great artist, has been hard at work producing humorous edits of some of Disney’s most iconic moments so that you can see how they were “really produced.”

Andhika said.

“As a Disney fan since childhood, I’ve never stopped loving them even after I went into adulthood. But as I grow older, I start to see these childhood icons in a new light. We see things differently than when we were children. So this is basically how I come up with my ideas, bringing these childhood icons into a more of an ‘adult’ perspective, in a comedic way.”

Andhika is well-known for his Instagram account, where he frequently posts innovative modifications. From making his own versions of movie and TV posters to photo-shopping celebrities together to see what their offspring could look like, he’s done it all.

The artist also creates his own concept art, which is generally humorous and packed with pop culture allusions. His favorite is Disney, but he also includes other movies and television series in his feed.


According to the skilled artist, it can take him anywhere from two hours to two days to produce one of his images.

“There’s no specific ‘formula’ for this,” he said.