5 Failed & Abandoned Eisner-Era Disney Ideas

One aspect of Michael Eisner I admire when it comes to his time as Disney CEO was his insistence on brainstorming from all levels of the company.He felt that it was important to foster an environment where people weren’t afraid to voice their ideas. From that ethic came some ideas that changed the Disney company forever and are still with us today. There were also some pretty bad ideas. Here are five failed ideas from the Eisner Era.

5Rentable boats in the World Showcase Lagoon

According to both Eisner and investor Sid Bass, during an afternoon at EPCOT together while walking around the park and talking business, Eisner realized that there was nothing going on in the World Showcase Lagoon.

Disney did run tests of a boat rental program in Epcot, however it never left the testing stage as they soon learned that the testers struggled with boats due to the wake bouncing off the walls of the lagoon and roughing up the waters.

On the subject he said “Our people who were testing were all capsizing and getting sick.”