5 Reasons to Take a Disney VIP Tour (and 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t)

Disney World private VIP tours can accommodate up to 10 guests. The tour can be custom designed to focus on the rides and the parks that you want to experience. Private Disney VIP tours cost anywhere from $400-600 per hour, depending on the season, and have a minimum commitment of seven continuous hours. This does not include the required park admission. Private premium VIP tours are popular and it is recommended to book up to 180 days in advance of your visit by calling (407) 560-4033.

There are also group VIP tours with pre-set itineraries such as the Ultimate Day of Thrills or the Disney Classics tour. These tours are offered at specific days of the week and times of the day for $199-399 per person for a four to seven hour tour (park admission not included.)

Why You Should Book a Disney VIP Tour

So now let’s look at reasons why to take a VIP tour of Disney World.

2Skip the line.

Part of maximizing your time and having a VIP experience is the ability to skip the line. To be clear, a VIP tour gives you access to the FastPass line. You can’t actually skip that line, but you can go back into that line over and over if you really like a ride and you don’t have to deal with navigating the Fast Pass+ system. But in addition to having a guide to create an efficient itinerary and route you quickly through the crowds, getting access to the Fast Pass lane saves a ton of time and avoids all the whining and fussing that comes with waiting in long lines.Disney VIP tour – Star Wars Launch Bay