7 Disney World Restaurants Where the Food Doesn’t Matter

Who needs decent mole when you have a giant Mayan pyramid?

If you want to do Disney World right, the most important personal quality you can cultivate is credulity. To enjoy being there, you have to really get into the spirit of the endeavor.

Yes, it’s a constructed environment, the castle is made of fiberglass (no bricks!) and you’re in the middle of a swamp. But that’s really not the point. Rather than being a cynic, revel in the insane amount of effort that’s been put into the project of making you feel like you’re somewhere else. Believe in the magic!

That’s where these seven restaurants come in. They’re not terrible (we’d never recommend something terrible), but they’re not the very best food on property. Instead, they’re worth a visit because of where they take you, and how they make you feel.

7San Angel Inn – Mexico Pavilion, Epcot

Possibly the best example of themed restaurant design in all of Disney World, San Angel Inn brings diners to a dark, romantic waterfront restaurant next to a giant Mayan pyramid. Boats (filled with riders on the nearby Gran Fiesta Tour) float by quietly. If you squint just a little, it feels exactly like you are outside under the stars in a small Mexican town. Let the cast members know if you’re having a special occasion, and they’ll seat you by the water for one of the most memorably surreal dinners you can find anywhere.

Too bad the food isn’t consistently good. The mole is generally safe, but don’t expect it to beat the Mexican place at your local mall. If you’re looking for a decent culinary experience in the Mexico pavilion, head across the plaza to La Cava Del Tequila, a less-themed but much better spot with a tequila list that rivals any big city joint. Plus, if you have a tequila flight before dinner, you’ll really feel the theme.