7 Disney World Restaurants Where the Food Doesn’t Matter

Who needs decent mole when you have a giant Mayan pyramid?

If you want to do Disney World right, the most important personal quality you can cultivate is credulity. To enjoy being there, you have to really get into the spirit of the endeavor.

Yes, it’s a constructed environment, the castle is made of fiberglass (no bricks!) and you’re in the middle of a swamp. But that’s really not the point. Rather than being a cynic, revel in the insane amount of effort that’s been put into the project of making you feel like you’re somewhere else. Believe in the magic!

That’s where these seven restaurants come in. They’re not terrible (we’d never recommend something terrible), but they’re not the very best food on property. Instead, they’re worth a visit because of where they take you, and how they make you feel.

6Be Our Guest – The Magic Kingdom

Some Disney loyalists will have a conniption when they see Be Our Guest on this list. But let’s admit it: The restaurant’s French-inspired food is not all that great, especially when you could hop a monorail across the resort to the France pavilion in Epcot. What is outstanding is the décor. If you’re a fan of Beauty and the Beast, this is your chance to go inside the Beast’s castle, a place where it’s always gently snowing outside, the suits of armor actually talk, and the magic rose glitters in a corner of the forbidden west wing. It’s a masterpiece of design, and there is no better place in the entire world to eat mediocre French onion soup.

(Some looking for castle dining might point to Cinderella’s Royal Table, the restaurant inside the actual Disney castle, as another option. But the food there is so awful, and the meal so expensive, that we just can’t recommend it. Go to Be Our Guest instead.)