For a long time, Disney characters, particularly princesses, have had a distinct appearance. There are many commercial and logical reasons why Disney characters are built the way they are, but there are also many people in our world who may not be able to perceive themselves in Disney characters because their looks and body types are simply too different from the mainstream.

Willemijn, a Dutch artist, has already produced a number of Disney character series, including the extremely popular 16 Disney Princesses Went To Hogwarts. This time, she’s back with a new series of Plus Size Princesses, allowing folks all around the world to see themselves in their beloved Disney heroines with a bit extra trash in their trunk.
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Esmerelda / The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Tiana / Princess and the Frog

Megara / Hercules


Princess Jasmine / Aladdin

Aurora / Sleeping Beauty

Giselle / Enchanted

Kida / Atlantis

Rapunzel / Tangled


Ariel / The Little Mermaid

Snow White / Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Anna / Frozen


Merida / Brave

Belle / Beauty and the Beast

Jane Porter / Tarzan


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