Facts About Disney You Probably Didn’t Know But Will Wish You Did

The Disney universe has always been intriguing and full of surprises; you may believe you know everything there is to know about Disney, but there are always more secret truths that have slipped right past you.

Aside from the fact that Disney and Pixar are known for concealing “Easter Eggs,” and that all sorts of cinematic elements have hidden meanings, there is always something new for even the most devoted Disney fans to discover. All we need is a chance to fawn over some delicious Disney tidbits.

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We’ve compiled a brief list of never-before-known Disney facts that you probably weren’t aware of in the past; it’ll surely help you increase your Disney knowledge and wow your friends.


Before Disney, the stories belonged to the likes of the Grimm brothers (for the most part). And they rarely lived happily ever after.

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