Famous Disney Villains Reimagined as Babies Show Us What They Were Like Before They Became Evil

The villains, in my opinion, are the true stars of each show. I mean, someone or something had to make them that way, right? They’re literally using their villainous tactics to defend themselves. So how could we not feel compassion for them? Mine, on the other hand, always does.

Vivianne is the name of this incredible animation artist, and her art blog is littered with her stunning work.

“My name is Vivianne and I’m currently in my final year of animation at the Utrecht school of the arts in the Netherlands; my wonderful sister also makes beautiful art!” she says in her “about me” section.

Check out these incredible animations she created of Disney villains. As soon as my gaze was drawn to them, the villain lover in me squealed with delight. Let yours fall head over heels just like mine did.

1First and foremost, BEHOLD, the evil queen!

2The Queen of Hearts.

3Tangled’s Mother Gothel. You sure can see it brewin’ inside her can’t you?!

4Cinderella’s evil stepsisters! The accuracy is spot on.

5Ursula, yet to be corrupt!

6Cruella Cruella Cruella.

7Maleficent, she looks so innocent!

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