Here are 12 things that you are not allowed to bring into Disney Parks!

Security issues, safety concerns, and guest enjoyment are all addressed in the park rules of Walt Disney World. As a result, Disney forbids visitors from carrying certain goods into the parks. Obviously, all weapons and illicit substances are prohibited, but what about items that do not appear to constitute a threat? You might think it’s strange that some of the goods on this list aren’t allowed, but Disney doesn’t do it at random. Usually, one or more incidences involving these items are enough to make them illegal.

12Toy Weapons

While it is obvious that weapons and knives should be prohibited (even for people with concealed carry licences), toy blasters and squirt guns appear to be quite innocuous. Disney is adamantly opposed, and for good cause. Many imitation toy weapons seem realistic, and Disney isn’t ready to take any chances in the wake of recent public gun violence throughout the world. To demonstrate their dedication to this principle, all theme parks have stopped selling toy firearms. At the Pirates of the Caribbean souvenir shop, you’ll see that the whole armament has vanished.


“Loose ice and dry ice” have been outlawed by Disney. Disney went on to say that ice in water bottles and even resealable bags are OK. “The new restriction applies to loose ice within a container like a cooler.”

TIP: Guests should instead use re-usable ice packs. If needed, complimentary glasses of ice are provided at Food & Beverage establishments around the parks.



Despite the fact that all parks offer alcoholic drinks to people of legal drinking age, Walt Disney World will not allow you to bring your own. Some assume the legislation is motivated by greed because beer, wine, and cocktails are costly, but the underlying goal is safety. In order to reduce down consumption, Disney charges a premium price for alcoholic beverages and limits purchasing to two drinks per person. These restrictions would not apply to guests who brought their own booze. While Disney encourages guests to have fun and relax, they also want to discourage overindulging in alcohol to avoid heat fatigue, poor conduct, and irresponsible risk-taking. There have been a number of drunken guests who have displayed out-of-control behavior.

9Folding Lawn Chairs

Your legs will most certainly ache from overuse while you stand about watching fireworks, and you’ll wish you had something to sit on. Leave it at home, whether it’s a beach chair, a camping chair, a hunting blind chair, or one of those cumbersome metal chairs. They’re on the banned list to keep other park visitors safe as you drag it around all day. They’re also unattractive amid Walt Disney World’s wonderful environment. Instead, search for an unoccupied bench, which can be difficult to come by during parades and fireworks displays.

8Wagons and larger double strollers.

Strollers must be no more than 31′′ (79cm) broad and 52′′ (132cm) long, according to Disney. The good news is that many strollers on the market, including many double jogging strollers, meet these requirements. Also, a friendly reminder that wagons are not allowed in our parks. Stroller wagons will also be prohibited. These changes are intended to improve passenger flow and reduce congestion in the parks, making them more pleasant for everyone.

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TIP: It’s simpler to travel and operate the parks with a smaller stroller. Guests can hire a single or double stroller at the Walt Disney World Resort upon arrival, and they can be leased each day.

7Coolers and Baggage

Many visitors visiting the parks choose to carry their bags or coolers. They may bring food and beverages inside to save money, or they may keep mementos acquired at gift stores. If you plan on carrying or pulling your luggage, cooler, or backpack all day, make sure it’s no more than 24′′ long, 15′′ broad, and 18′′ high. Do not carry a mountain pack or a large cooler into the park; these items belong on hiking routes and campgrounds, not in theme parks. Be advised that loose ice is not permitted, even in the smallest coolers.

6Glass Containers

As long as the water bottles or other containers are not made of glass, Disney’s screeners will allow you to bring them into the parks. When guests, animals, and cast members come into touch with shattered glass, they suffer bleeding injuries. While on a bike, it doesn’t take much to drop a glass or have it break in your luggage. Small bits of shards may linger after a cast member sweeps them up, placing others at risk of wounds and infections. Because baby food jars are made of glass, and no one wants to starve a baby, they are the lone exception to this rule. However, to avoid a catastrophe in the theme parks, try using plastic baby food boxes.

5Heelys and such

Wheels may make getting around simpler, but they frequently cause accidents in congested areas. Skateboards, inline skates, scooters, and shoes with retractable wheels are not permitted. The use of wheel boards is not an option. Wagons and other objects hauled by a car or pulled by a person will also be prohibited from entering the parks since they are bulky and difficult to handle in a crowded environment. Because some park visitors will have trouble moving about, handicapped visitors are encouraged to bring their own wheelchairs. Other mobility devices with at least three wheels are allowed as long as they are designed for a single rider, retain stability and balance while stopping, function at walking pace, and aren’t larger than 36′′ by 52′′. Larger gadgets are unable to visit all regions of the park in a safe manner. Also, if you want to bring your infant stroller in, make sure it’s smaller than the given size; otherwise, you’ll have to rent one.

4Tripods and Selfie Sticks

Despite the fact that the Selfie Revolution has expanded over the globe, the selfie stick prohibition at Disney theme parks has put a stop to it. Disney isn’t attempting to compel you to use PhotoPass. A number of incidents involving selfie sticks on rides prompted the restriction. The framework of the attraction might easily entangle or clash with these sticks, placing park visitors at danger of harm. Tripods and monopods that do not fit into your luggage or backpack are also prohibited by Disney. Large tripods, in particular, take up a lot of room and pose a safety risk to both spectators and cast members. Sure, they’re great for taking pictures all over Walt Disney World, but what do you do with them on Space Mountain?

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3Devices that can be controlled remotely

Even if your youngster wants to bring his remote-control Lightning McQueen car inside Magic Kingdom, he won’t be able to get it through security. The same may be said about drones and remote-controlled planes. With your camera-mounted drone, you might have hoped to capture incredible footage and aerial images. Disney will not let you to do that, no matter how amazing the concept seems. Despite the fact that they are labeled as “remote operated,” these gadgets are notorious for crashing and creating uncontrollable mishaps.

2Straws and balloons

Balloons and plastic straws are not permitted past the main gate at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. They’re also not to be found within the park. These artifacts occasionally become litter, and despite the best efforts of cast members to keep the park clean, they are unable to capture everything. When animals mistake a popped balloon or a tossed straw for food, they may injure or kill themselves. Though it may appear to be a simple matter to put these goods into your pocket to escape security, you are jeopardizing Disney’s animals.


Some of us can’t stay away from our pets for lengthy periods of time. While we’re gone, either the treasured animal feels abandoned and gets melancholy, or we miss them terribly. We can’t bring our family pets into the theme parks, no matter how much we love them. Only assistance animals are allowed, and they must always be under supervision and leashed. In any event, dealing with animal excrement may be a challenge in and of itself. Fortunately, Walt Disney World has come up with a solution to the problem by providing pet housing and care directly on the premises. You may spend as much time as you wish at the theme parks before returning to your pet.

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