How Disney Princesses Celebrate Oktoberfest

I stumbled upon this blog post from and simply had to share! I love how they paired up each Disney princess with her own Oktoberfest beer choice. While I would have chosen a few more German beers for these lovely ladies to drink, it’s a pretty accurate representation of their personalities. Enjoy!!

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15. Alice – Delirium Tremens

She’s in her own wonderland. Having delusional interactions. Need we say more?

14. Anna – Glueh Kriek

This cherry ale served hot with spices is sure to thaw out Anna’s frozen heart. It’s just what she needs to get through the cold and save her sister from a desolate life!

13. Ariel – Corona

She’s found her own beach. And she’s “miles away from ordinary.” No doubt about it; it’s a Corona for this one.

12. Aurora – Russian River Pliny the Younger

She’ll kick off her shoes and put up her feet with this beer. At 11% abv, it’s no wonder she’s called the Sleeping Beauty.

11. Belle – Rose Petal Imperial Golden Ale

Is that a rose in my beer? Yes, Belle, it is. And you can touch this one. Someone get her a Rose Petal Imperial Golden Ale.

10. Cinderella – Leinenkugel’s Harvest Patch Shandy

She rolls in a pumpkin, for god’s sake. We think she’ll like drinking one too. This beer tastes like pumpkin pie and will make her dreams come true.

9. Elsa – Coors Light

What’s the coldest thing in the world? Elsa is, of course, but so is Coors Light (or so their commercial says). We just know Elsa will feel at home with this beer.

8. Jasmine – Modern Times Fortunate Island

Whenever Jasmine wants to see a whole new world, we bet she gets wasted on a Modern Times Fortunate Island. Made with lush grapefruit, it’s refreshing, slightly exotic, and very unique. Yes, sounds about right.

7. Merida – Guinness Irish Stout

We know she’s not exactly from Ireland, but close enough? Besides, she’s unruly and does things her own way. Call her a little princess, and she might just throw her mug at your head!

6. Mulan – Tsingtao

She loves her country and would do anything for it. So, the only thing she’ll drink is a Tsingtao. Poor girl suffers so much for her homeland.

5. Pocahontas – Eel River Triple Exultation

It’s all natural and organic, and at 9.7% abv, it’s just what this badass Disney princess needs at the end of a long day. It might kick your butt, but she’ll drink it like water.

4. Rapunzel – Bud Light

She’s been sheltered all her life, knows nothing, and is like a child. We think she’ll stick with the entry-level Bud Light. Poor thing.

3. Snow White – Hoegaarden Original White Ale

It’s gotta be a white ale for the fairest of them all. We just know she got drunk off a six-pack of Hoegaarden before she fell into that deep slumber.

2. Tiana – Heineken

It’s all she can afford right now, but like the beer slogan says, “A better beer deserves a better can.” We think so, too, Tiana, so work hard and earn that better can!

1. Tinkerbell – Once Upon a Time East India Pale Ale

There’s a thing called the beer fairy (so says Urban Dictionary), but we bet Tinkerbell isn’t it. We just know this magical being ends her night with a nice bottle of Once Upon a Time East India Pale Ale.

Now that you know what these Disney gals are drinking, we want to know what your go-to beer is. Let us know by leaving a comment below!

*Disclaimer: This post is for entertainment purposes only. We do not own or claim to own or have any affiliation with any of the aforementioned beers or Disney characters.

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