The incredible reason you should always be nice to Disney park staff

‘Being rude’ and ‘at Disney World’ are two phrases that almost definitely don’t belong in the same sentence; namely because it’s renowned for being one of the happiest places on earth.

But in case you need an incentive for being on your best behaviour, an ex-Disney Theme Park employee has revealed they’re encouraged to surprise visitors with random acts of kindness in a bid to make their day even more magical.


Michaela Garber used to work at Disney World in Orlando, and revealed to Insider, “Cast members are encouraged to create spur of the moment acts of kindness – this could be anything from surprising a child with free ice cream to upgrading a family’s hotel reservation.

“Magical moments shouldn’t be planned or demanded, they just happen. They also shouldn’t be given out all of the time, but on a good day of work it’s hard to stop yourself from making others feel special.”

So, while being nice to Disney staff isn’t a guarantee of a freebie, it’s definitely a good place to start.

Now all we have to do is actually book a holiday to Disney World and actually have a hotel room booked that we can attempt to upgrade.

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