Now that ‘Lilo & Stitch’ is available on Disney+, a die-hard Disney fan notices a strange change.

‘Lilo & Stitch’ is a delightful animated film with a fantastic soundtrack. It’s set in Hawaii, and it’s about a nice little girl named Lilo who mistook an alien for an extremely ugly dog and brought him home – sort of like E.T. but with an island twist!

Hard-core Disney fans aren’t simply fans, as anyone who knows them can tell you. They are fanatics.

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They eat, sleep, and live Disney. It is not uncommon to see an adult Disney fan have a Disney themed wedding, Disney decor in their home, or even name their child after a Disney character, with Aurora (from “Sleeping Beauty”) gaining popularity following the film’s release.

@jamieruadh32, a keen Disney fan, recently posted a TikTok on a big difference in the film ‘Lilo & Stitch,’ pointing out that the original DVD version and the Disney+ streamable version differ.

Take a look at it below!

Lilo has a quarrel with Nani at the scene in question, and then flees to the laundry room to hide.

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Lilo hides in what appears to be a cupboard in the current Disney+ streamable version, which is obscured by a pizza box.

You can see it clearly here;

This is the first scene from the DVD’s initial release… Lilo is certainly hiding in a dryer.

Both scenes can be seen playing out here.