The Best and Worst Disney Castles to Live In

If you say you’ve never wanted to live in a castle, you’re lying. Come on, even Flynn Rider gushes about his dream of one day owning a palace to die for. Naturally our obsession with castles grew directly from our love of all things Disney. Not gonna lie, we may or may not even have a detailed plan for taking over the live replica of Cinderella’s castle at Disney World. Said plan could involve multiple forest animals and a handful of dwarves ready to fight by our side, but we’re not gonna tell you for sure.

Since we’ve pretty much staked a permanent claim on that one, we’ve decided to lay out the best and worst Disney castles to live in. You know, just in case you want one for yourself. Which you totally do.

Here are the 15 most iconic Disney palaces from your cherished childhood films (and beyond), ranked from best to should-be-on-an-episode-of-Flip or Flop:

15Rapunzel’s castle from Tangled

Ever since we saw Tangled, we’ve dreamed of living in a sunny seaside palace where once a year, a festival with magical floating lanterns takes place. Plus, it seems like the surrounding village is full of kind citizens! We heart those guys.