This Illustrator Adds A Modern And Honest Twist To Classic Disney Movies

Tom Ward, a U.K.-based artist, has brought our fantasies to life with images of Disney characters set in the present day. We’ve all pondered what our favorite Disney characters would be like if they lived in our current society, and Tom brings that to life in this series named “Alt Disney.” Scroll down to view more of his amazing drawings:

1Can a ‘Real Boy’ Pull This Off?

2Beaus Over Belles.

3Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Who Are You Textin’?

4The Struggle Is Real Girl.

5Bored With The Stone.

6Poor Unfortunate Seas.

7The Jungle Crook

8Peter Pan Won’t Be Able To Get In Wendy’s Room.

9Dumbo Might Not Be Easily Accepted.

10This Is A Pretty Honest Representation Of Robin Hood.

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