This New Poison Apple Mug Glows in the Dark and I Need It!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs from Disney emphasizes the perils of vanity or jealousy. The Evil Queen, as we all know, is so envious of Snow White’s beauty that she presents her with a poisoned apple during the film.

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Last year, Disney released a poison apple mug resembling the movie, which has now been updated. The metallic new cup symbolizes the same poison fruit that puts Snow White to sleep, only this mug isn’t deadly at all, just incredibly dazzling.

The enhanced mug is painted in a bright red hue, similar to the color of fire engines in the sunshine.

This mug, dipped in a white “brew” and topped with a long, brown stem, features the same skull’s face that the Evil Queen sees before dipping the apple in her cauldron.
The new mug even glows in the dark, so if you need to brew a cup of tea in the middle of the night, look for the glowing green cup in your pantry!

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