What Would It Look Like If A Disney Princess Sat For A Portrait By A Painter Like Leonardo Da Vinci?

These are absolutely stunning.

Painter Heather Theurer never thought she would be tapped to create official portraits for Disney Fine Art, but since joining the ranks she’s become one of their most popular artists, and for good reason — her portraits are stunning.

“I’d grown up loving Disney films, and I’d always wanted to be an artist, but I never quite put the two together,” Theurer told MTV News. Five years ago at San Diego Comic-Con, someone who worked for Disney saw her work and asked her whether she’d ever thought of doing Disney characters in her classic portrait style. “I told him I hadn’t, but hey, I was up for it, so what the heck, I’d give it a try. Over the next couple of years … I fell in love with the process and now I have so many ideas for all the Disney characters that I’d need a 72-hour day for the next several years to finish them all.”

As for what paintings she has next on her docket, she’s got “loads of ideas” bouncing around in her head and a few in sketch stage. “Alice in Wonderland is seeing some paint [next],” she said, so look out for that. In the meantime, take a look at seven of her beautiful Disney paintings below.


Heather Theurer