Here we go again…

Baymax, a new Disney+ series based on the iconic puffy robot from Big Hero 6, contains two LGBTQ+ characters, marking an effort to promote Disney’s LGBTQ agenda into children’s media.

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In the third episode of the series, named “Sofia,” a pre-teen character visits her middle school’s all-gender lavatory. Before the talent performance, she gets her first period, but Baymax, the caring robot who specializes in healthcare, is ready to assist. He goes to the grocery to get some pads, tampons, and other supplies for the child.

While shopping, Baymax comes across a transmasculine figure wearing a transgender flag shirt, who recommends some pads with wings for Sofia. This is a watershed point for a youth-oriented series: It’s already uncommon for Disney (and other broadcasters) to discuss basic sexual health to children, such as puberty and periods.

The episode concludes with Sofia regaining her sense of confidence and performing at a school talent show.

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The Walt Disney Co. has come under fire after videos obtained by Rufo showed company leaders bragging about promoting an LGBTQ agenda to young children through the studio’s entertainment.

The company is inserting transgender and gender non-conforming characters into its entertainment for children. Disney’s Marvel superhero series Loki recently revealed that its title character is “gender fluid.”

The scene was first reported by journalist Christopher Rufo.
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