Introducing the Amazingly Talented Cast of Club Mickey Mouse

We first announced back in May that Club Mickey Mouse, a new show available only on Facebook and Instagram, was on the horizon, and guess what? The horizon is here! Mickey Mouse officially has a new club in town, and these new Mouseketeers are seriously talented.

We got the chance to interview the cast and talk to them about their lifelong Disney memories. Get to know the incredible cast of Club Mickey Mouse below, and be sure you remember their names! Just like Britney and Justin before them, they will be household names before you know it.




What Disney movie could you watch every day?
A Disney movie I could watch everyday would definitely be Moana! I am such a softy and this movie made me cry so much. Hahaha.


Mickey Ice Cream Bar or Churro?
Definitely a Mickey Ice Cream Bar and I will enjoy every bite of it! Yummy!!!

Which Disney character would you challenge to a dance-off?
I would love to challenge Ariel to a dance-off! After getting her new feet, it would be awesome to see how she has gotten used to them. I am sure she can dance gracefully like me.

What’s your earliest Disney memory?
My earliest Disney memory is running up to all the characters, especially Tigger, when I was at Disneyland with my blue autograph books and Mickey Mouse pen. I felt so excited to have many characters sign my blue book as well as taking pictures with them. To this day, I still have these books in my room.

What is your favorite thing about being a part of Club Mickey Mouse?
My favorite thing about being a part of Club Mickey Mouse is the love we all have towards one another. We instantly clicked as if we’ve known each other our whole life. We got to spend lots of time with each other doing what we love to do. Honestly, it feels so great and a dream to have such awesome friendships and a new family!!!