20 Best Disney Movies on Netflix

A ranking of the best Disney movies on Netflix right now, including Lilo and Stitch, Mulan, Tarzan and more.

For many decades and multiple generations, Disney movies were a staple of our childhood and the source for some of our first or fondest memories from our youth. We grew up watching the movies with our parents, grandparents, and when we had a babysitter, it was a given we’d have a Disney movie marathon on tap.

And as we get older and have children of our own we continue the tradition of making Disney movies a part of the next generation who will do the same with their children one day.

To make that easier for parents, grandparents, babysitters and anyone else who wants to enjoy the best Disney has to offer on Netflix, we compiled a list of the 20 best Disney movies on Netflix for your viewing pleasure.

18The Big Green

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Disney has a way of making movies that are encouraging and uplifting, especially for and about kids and The Big Green is no different. In this film, a soccer team full of misfit kids come together in an attempt to learn how to play the game.

While being the underdogs, there are also family issues going on, self-esteem issues, and all the other problems that come natural to kids. With the help of a foreign exchange teacher and a former local sports hero, this team just might be able to learn to work together with their new friends and come out the other side champions.