30 Hidden Messages & References in Disney’s “Toy Story” Films You Might Not Have Noticed

To be quite honest, I am a major ‘Toy Story’ fan. I was 8 years old when the original ‘Toy Story’ was launched in 1995, and my son became four shortly after ‘Toy Story 4′ (2019) was released.

It was a complete circle experience for me when I took her to the movies dressed as Woody on the day the film was released. It’s something I’ll never forget.

The wonderful thing about Disney Pixar (creators of the “Toy Story” franchise) is that their films are FULL with very amazing Easter eggs and hidden allusions. The second wonderful thing with Pixar’ is that it comes with Disney diehard fans who can locate Easter eggs from miles away and generously share them online!

We’ve compiled a list of the finest hidden allusions throughout the whole franchise for you to enjoy.

32Mr. Potato Head’s voice.

Mr. Potato Head is voiced posthumously by Don Rickles in “Toy Story 4.” (who passed away in 2017). To put together the performance, the Pixar crew combed through more than two decades of Rickles’ voice sessions, outtakes for other films, theme parks, toys, and so on.

31The red string…

In ‘Toy Story 4’ (2019), the red string that Andy used to repair his torn arm in ‘Toy Story 2’ is still visible.


30The soldiers walk…

To assist the creative team work out how the army troops would walk and run in Toy Story (1995), the screenwriters glued shoes to a wooden board.

29The cobwebs…

Toy Story 4 (2019) – Instead of hand-spinning all of the individual cobwebs, Pixar built AI spiders that were trained to spin the webs wherever the cobwebs were needed.

28Sid the garbage man.

In ‘Toy Story 3’, Sid from Toy Story plays The Garbage Man.

27The Tim Allen connection…

Toy Story Easter egg: Sid’s tools are Binford tools. Binford is the business that sponsors the “Tool Time” segment of the “Home Improvement” show. Tim Allen (the voice of Buzz Lightyear) was the show’s star.


26‘Production Babies’

Beginning with their debut full-length picture, Toy Story (1995), all Pixar films use the phrase ‘Production Babies.’ These are the children born to anybody at Pixar during the film’s production.


The bottle cap recovered by Bo Peep’s sheep in Toy Story 4 (2019) is a reference to the grape soda bottle top pin in “Up.”

23Boo’s Jessie Doll

Boo has a Jessie toy from Toy Story in Monsters, Inc. (2001).

22More ‘Up’ connections…

In Toy Story 3 (2010), a postcard from Carl and Ellie from the film Up is pinned on Andy’s bulletin board (2009).

21Andy’s writing…

In Toy Story, Andy’s penmanship improves as he matures.

20‘The Shining’

The carpet of Sid’s house in Toy Story (1995) was purposefully designed to be identical to the carpet at the Overlook Hotel in The Shining (1980), one of numerous allusions to the horror film seen throughout the Pixar series.

19The guy who cleans up Woody…

Geri, from the classic Pixar short ‘Geri’s Game,’ which aired before ‘A Bug’s Life,’ is also the guy who cleans up Woody for sale in Toy Story 2. (1999).

18The ‘Jurassic Park’ connection

There is an Easter Egg in Toy Story 2 that refers to when the T-Rex followed the vehicle in Jurassic Park.

17The ‘Wall-E’ connection

The batteries used in Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 3 (2010) are manufactured by ‘Buy N Large,’ the same firm that produced Wall-E.

16Mrs. Potato Head’s book…

“In Toy Story 2 Mrs. Potato Head is seen reading A Bug’s Life in book form”

15Buzz is aging… this one is sad.

A closer look at Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 4 (2019) reveals that his stickers are slowly peeling away.

14Virtual Reality

Toy Story (1995) is the first feature-length film made completely of computer-generated imagery. Andy’s house is for sale through Virtual Reality real estate.

13Andy’s books…

All of the books on Andy’s shelf in Toy Story are the titles of Pixar’s animated shorts.

12Offset blinking…

In Toy Story (1995), most of the characters blink their eyelids one at a time. This is known as “offset blinking,” and it is commonly employed in animation to indicate an out-of-place or dumb character. It’s most likely utilized in Toy Story to remind the viewer that the toys are still toys.

11Lotso Bear is in the movie ‘Up’, too.

I discovered an Evil Toy Story 3 teddy bear in the film ‘Up’ in the scene in which the house begins to soar.

10Utah teapot.

Toy Story, the first feature-length computer-animated film, was released in 1995. The teapot on the table while Buzz is out of his mind during the tea party is patterned after the legendary Utah Teapot, one of the very first 3D computer graphics models from the 1970s.

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After meeting Woody in Toy Story 2 (1999), Jessie exclaims, “Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln!” This is a reference to Tom Hanks, the voice of Woody, being connected to Lincoln via his mother.

8Vulcan salute.

When Buzz says goodbye to Woody in Toy Story (1995), he gives the Vulcan salute from the Star Trek series.

7Molly’s magazine.

Darla from ‘Finding Nemo’ appears on the cover of a Tween Zine as Molly is reading it in ‘Toy Story 3’.

6Another nod to ‘The Shining’.

In Toy Story 3, there’s another reference to The Shining (1980) Room 237 on the back of the garbage truck (2010)


The American flag is replaced with a globe throughout the rest of the world in ‘Toy Story 2’ (1999).

4Barbie and Ken

Ken and Barbie’s designs in ‘Toy Story 3′ (2010) are based on real-life toys from the Barbie toy range. Barbie is based on the 1983 Great Shape Barbie toy, while Ken is based on the 1988 Animal Lovin’ Ken doll.”

3Forky’s feet!

In ‘Toy Story 4,’ Forky points his feet (Sticks) to Gabby’s mirror to see his name inscribed on the bottom of them.


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