Disney and Imax have set an April 29 release for their co-production of the Toni Myers documentary “A Beautiful Planet” — a week after the traditional Earth Day celebration.

“A Beautiful Planet” will receive a special presentation at the Giant Screen Cinema Association’s International Conference and Trade Show next week in San Francisco, with Myers unveiling footage from the film.

“A Beautiful Planet” was made in cooperation with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). It includes footage shot by astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

“Toni has crafted a remarkable film that uniquely captures the raw beauty of our planet,”

said Imax Entertainment CEO Greg Foster.

“‘A Beautiful Planet’ provides a unique perspective on our relationship with Earth, offering audiences a vantage point that very few have ever been able to experience,” said Alan Bergman, president of Walt Disney Studios. “Imax is a perfect format for the film’s spectacular and immersive imagery.”

Myers’ most recent documentary was 2010’s “Hubble 3D,” which has grossed nearly $70 million in Imax locations. She also made the Imax documentaries “Blue Planet” and “Space Station 3D.”

About A Beautiful Planet

Our world—a magnificent blue planet, dotted with gossamer clouds and gleaming in the brilliant flood of sunlight—is changing. From space, the Earth blazes at night with the electric intensity of human expansion across the globe. But it is within our power to protect the planet. While we continue to explore and gain knowledge of our galaxy, we also develop a deeper connection to the place we all call home. From The Walt Disney Studios, IMAX and Toni Myers—the acclaimed filmmaker behind celebrated IMAX documentaries Blue Planet, Hubble 3D, and Space Station 3DA Beautiful Planet presents a breath-taking visualization of our world and a hopeful look into the future of humanity.

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