Netflix Will Stream New Disney Movies In Fall

Huge news for Netflix fans — or, really, just anyone who likes sitting on their couch and enjoying lots of down time: the movie-streaming monolith is adding to its ranks this fall in a major way. Now, instead of scrolling aimlessly through a bunch of movies you’ve never heard of and television shows that everyone has been telling you to watch, you soon will be able to watch new Disney movies released on or after Jan. 1, 2016 on Netflix. That sound you’re hearing right now? Yeah, that’s just the sound of me freaking out because Netflix is going to start streaming new Disney movies.

So, what does this mean? Simply put, The deal will give paid subscribers access to the latest Disney corp films released in 2016, including Marvel releases, Lucasfilm releases, and Pixar releases. As for films set to be released, those will be added to Netflix some months after they’ve concluded their run in theaters. This will begin in September, and the list of films set to be included under the deal has not yet been revealed.

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So cozy up with your Mickey ears from that family trip you to took to Disneyworld in second grade, and get ready for a Disney movie marathon of a lifetime.