Every new Star Wars movie and Disney Plus TV show we know about

While The Rise of Skywalker marked a polarizing end to the nine-movie Star Wars series, the franchise will never end. In fact, even as The Rise of Skywalker closed out the saga with a disappointing final showdown between Palpatine and Rey on a mysterious Sith planet that was never adequately explained, better Star Wars things were already happening elsewhere.

The Mandalorian, for example, showed us an exciting future where Star Wars TV shows can be like ’90s adventure series, except with a galaxy-sized budget. Jedi Fallen Order suggested that we might even get a few great new games as the movies took a hiatus.

Really, though, that was just the start of the franchise’s life after Episode 9.

According to a recent tweet by Kessel Run Transmissions host Corey Van Dyke, Disney Plus has nine Star Wars projects in various stages of production. These include series we know about, like Obi-Wan and The Mandalorian, but if this rumor is correct, it presumably includes some projects that are still a secret.

While Lucasfilm’s attention will be fixed on the small screen for the time being, three Star Wars theatrical movies are also scheduled for release over the next decade. There’s a lot coming up, then.

Below, we’ve rounded up every Star Wars movie or TV show we currently know about (that’s four live-action TV shows, one animated series and three movies), and also examined some other rumors of what might be in the works at Lucasfilm.


The Mandalorian season 2

The obvious big thing in Star Wars, and the most imminent. The Mandalorian season 2 arrives in October on Disney Plus, and will expand upon the first season’s Darksaber-shaped teaser. We’re expecting this one to have a heavy focus on Mando trying to seek out Baby Yoda’s homeworld, but all sorts of wild (but credible) reports point towards high-profile guest appearances from existing Star Wars characters like Boba Fett and The Clone Wars’ Ahsoka Tano.

We’ll wait and see on those, but this will probably be the biggest streaming event of the year. Season 3 of The Mandalorian is also reportedly in the works.


Obi-Wan Kenobi

Directed by Deborah Chow, who made The Mandalorian’s third episode – the one where all the Mandalorians turn up at the end to help save Baby Yoda – this long-awaited as-yet-untitled series sees Ewan McGregor reprise his role as the Jedi Master, more than 15 years after he last played him in Revenge of the Sith. It’s set between Episode 3 and Episode 4, with John Wick 3’s Joby Harrold working on the script. Filming is meant to begin in early 2021, and the cast hasn’t been announced yet.


Cassian Andor

A prequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, this so-far untitled series will see Diego Luna reprise his role as the Rebel soldier. The show is set five years before Rogue One (because, you know, he died in that movie), and it’ll likely feature Alan Tudyk reprising his role as military droid K2SO, the film’s best character. Confirmed as part of the cast are Genevieve O’Reilly, who played Mon Mothma in Rogue One, and the actors Stellan Skarsgard, Denise Gough and Kyle Soller.

Far more interesting is the wealth of writing talent behind the show. Tony Gilroy, reportedly instrumental in pulling Rogue One together, is writer, director and showrunner on the series. He’s joined by brother Dan Gilroy, director of the fantastic Jake Gyllenhaal movie Nightcrawler, House of Cards creator Beau Willimon and Stephen Schiff, head writer on acclaimed series The Americans. That’s a lot of talent for a prequel Star Wars series.

Filming was supposed to begin this year, but it’s unclear whether the pandemic has affected those plans.


The Bad Batch

This recently-announced animated series is about the pack of superpowered Clone troopers who were the subject of a popular arc in the last season of The Clone Wars. It’s coming to Disney Plus in 2021, and will be set after Order 66, seeing this group of soldiers take on odd jobs as they figure out their place in the galaxy.


Taika Waititi’s Star Wars movie

Three Star Wars movies are scheduled by Disney as it stands: they’re releasing in December 2023, 2025 and 2027 respectively. It’s largely expect that the first one will be directed by Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok), who was confirmed to be working on an untitled Star Wars movie on May 4, 2020. Krysty Wilson-Cairns, who wrote 1917’s screenplay, is co-writing the film with Waititi.

Nothing else is known about the movie, though Waititi’s participation has led to some to speculate that this is the Star Wars project that’ll be produced by Marvel Studios’ head Kevin Feige.


Untitled Disney Plus series from Russian Doll’s co-creator

In addition to Waititi’s film, Lucasfilm announced on the same day that the co-creator of Netflix’s excellent Russian Doll, Leslye Headland, will be creator of a new, as-yet-untitled Star Wars TV series. That means you’ve got four live-action series to look forward to on Disney Plus – as soon as they get around to filming them, anyway.


Untitled Star Wars movie from JD Dillard

Revealed in a THR report back in February, director JD Dillard is being lined up to direct another Star Wars movie, this time scripted by Agents of SHIELD writer Matt Owens. The report said it wasn’t decided whether the movie was intended for Disney Plus or theatrical release.


Possible: The Mandalorian spin-offs

Back in February 2020, Disney’s Bob Iger mentioned: “the possibility of infusing [The Mandalorian] with more characters and taking those characters in their own direction in terms of series.”

Could that have anything to do with the rumored cameos for The Mandalorian season 2? We’ll have to wait and see, but it sounds like Disney can’t get enough of the series.


Rumored: Doctor Aphra

Last year, Inverse published a piece that suggested Lucasfilm and Marvel could already be filming a series based on the comic-originated character Doctor Aphra. She’s a morally dubious but very well-liked figure who was introduced in the Darth Vader comic (we interviewed her creator, Kieron Gillen, here).

The existence of such a series would require the whole casting, writing and directing process to have occurred in total secret without anybody knowing about it. Considering how much we know about The Mandalorian season 2 before it’s even aired, it seems unlikely that this show could’ve filmed in total secrecy.

We don’t believe this is true, then, but we do think it’s pretty likely Disney and Lucasfilm will want to bring Doctor Aphra into live action eventually. She’s probably the most prominent non-live action Star Wars character around right now.


Rumored: Rebels CG sequel series

The Bad Batch was one of two animated series discussed by Star Wars tipster Jordan Maison, one of which is expected to be a sequel to the existing CG series Rebels. Kessel Run Transmissions confirmed a Rebels sequel is in the works, too.

Rumored: something Lando Calrissian-related

If you’re tuned into the strange cottage industry of Star Wars leaks and rumors, you’ve probably seen a tweet or two doing the rounds in recent weeks that says Donald Glover will be reprising his role of Lando Calrissian from Solo: A Star Wars Story. This was another one from Kessel Run Transmissions – here’s the source. We’d love this one to be true, given that Glover was the highlight of Solo, but we’d wait for something official before getting too excited.


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