Quiz: Can you match the Star Wars moment to the right movie?

You may have watched every single Star Wars film so many times that your favorite bean bag chair has a perfect impression of your backside. You may be able to recite every line from every movie from memory, with the perfect tonal range and inflection. You may even be able to spoil every single scene in every single movie before it happens to a crowd of your most annoyed friends.

However, do you really think you can remember every single frame from every Star Wars movie ever made? Let’s put that prideful prowess to the ultimate Star Wars test now that “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has landed worldwide.

This quiz could not be simpler. You’ll see a screenshot from one of the first six Star Wars movies, and all you have to do is identify which movie it came from based on your stellar memory of all things Star Wars. Here’s a hint: We’ve only used one frame from each Star Wars movie once, and none of them are from “The Force Awakens” because that wouldn’t be fair. We’re challenging, not cruel.

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