Walt Disney’s ‘Frozen Head’ films secretly in Walt Disney World

Many have fantasized about Walt Disney having himself cryogenically preserved (which never happened), but few have gone quite as far as writer/director Benjamin Lancaster and the oddball comedy “The Further Adventures of Walt’s Frozen Head.”

The Further Adventures of Walt’s Frozen Head” suggests that during his yearly thaw to oversee the direction of his company, the cryogenically frozen head of the world’s largest media conglomerate, Walt Disney, convinces Peter, a low-level park employee, to kidnap him for a day in the Magic Kingdom.

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Writer-director Benjamin Lancaster, a student at the University of Central Florida, said the film shot surreptitiously for four days at the theme park. The film ran into no problems, he said, although a park attendant recognized the main actor, Daniel Cooksley, and started a long conversation when filmmakers tried to enter the park.

Lancaster, 30, worked with about 25 UCF students as well as a handful from Valencia College and Full Sail University. “Frozen Head” is done in the style of 1960s Disney comedies, such as “That Darn Cat.”

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Much of the film was shot at Magic Kingdom without Disney’s permission under the codename “The Florida Project”, which is the same codename used while building Walt Disney World. The shots where Disney’s head is cryogenically preserved were filmed at Orlando Brewing Company. More shooting is scheduled to take place in the Orlando area.

“There are jokes about price increases,” said Lancaster, who calls himself a “friend of Walt.”

“Ultimately, the biggest impression is that his dream has continued on without him. That’s the overarching message. It comes from a true place of fandom.”

The film has shot for less than $20,000. Still to be done are scenes of Disney’s head, and keeping that head in a bag helped lower special-effects costs.


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