Jungle Rummy is a fast playing 2-4 player casual trick-taking card game, with fast changing objectives, and Adventure inspired art.

The 1890’s to the 1920’s were the “Golden Age of Adventure”.

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Much of the planet was still unexplored and the world’s population was enthralled with the exploits of adventurers who went forth and explored. Even today we look back on this time fondly through movies like “The African Queen,” the Indiana Jones films, and numerous other properties that celebrate those explorers.

The Skippers of boats who ferried passengers and cargo through the rivers of the world were central to many of these stories. Jungle Rummy is a game that imagines what sort of card game these Skippers would make if they had to invent their own cards and rules.

For the last 5 years, the Tales From The Jungle Crews podcast has documented the history and experiences of the Skippers of Disney’s Jungle Cruise ride; which takes place during this time.

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