Artichoke Spinach Dip – Sci Fi Dine in Theater – Hollywood Studios
Spinach & Artichoke Dip – A blend of Monterey Jack, Swiss and Parmesan, Spinach, and Artichokes, served with Corn Tortilla Chips.
  1. Reduce the heavy cream by 1/2.
  2. While reducing, chop artichokes, spinach, garlic, and red peppers.
  3. After heavy cream has reduced, add the cheeses in small amounts until all the cheese has melted.
  4. Add all chopped vegetables and seasoning, simmer and serve with Corn Tortilla Chips
Recipe Notes

Use 1/2 cup of Monterey Jack for dip and the other 1/2 to brown on top under broiler.

Served with Corn Tortilla Chips.

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