Universal’s Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster like you’ve never seen it

The best way to view this amazing front row coaster POV video is using the Google Chrome web browser. You can also open this 4k video on your mobile device or tablet using the YouTube app to experience the ride in virtual reality.

Watch it on Youtube now – Use Google Chrome!

This video was shot using six GoPro cameras tactically rigged and synchronized to provide an electrifying 360-degree virtual reality experience of the popular Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster at Universal Studios Florida. All six cameras are expertly stitched and blended together to give you a seamless ride that launches you 17 stories high at 65 miles-per-hour and gives you a view of the park that nobody has ever seen.

The steel coaster at Universal Studios opened in 2009 and features the ability for riders to choose their own soundtrack from among 30 songs of different musical genres with tracks like “Busy Child” by Crystal Method (a personal favorite), “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor or “Living in Fast Forward” by Kenny Chesney.

The ride also features more than 60 additional hidden songs, if you, after the safety bar lowers, hold the ride logo for about 5 seconds and enter a three-digit code. You can find a list of those songs at theme park fan site Theme Park Insider. Plug in #128 for U2’s “Vertigo” for instance.

At 65 mph, the ride is among the fastest in Central Florida, tied with SeaWorld’s Kraken, but slower than Universal’s Incredible Hulk (which is closing down Sept. 7 until summer 2016) at 67 mph and slower than Busch Gardens Tampa’s 70 mph SheiKra.
SeaWorld Orlando plans to open up the 200-foot-tall Mako roller coaster in summer 2016, and that will become the area’s tallest and fastest roller coaster topping out at 73 mph. Rip Ride Rockit is 167 feet tall.

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