Friday, October 7, 2022

Back To The Future & Jurassic World Escape Rooms Coming To Universal Orlando Resort

A stunning new attraction will be added to Universal Orlando Resort’s CityWalk this autumn.

Guests will be able to visit two “next level escape rooms” at Universal’s Great Movie Escape, one based on Back to the Future and the other on Jurassic World!

Each of the rooms will be “unique” as you participate in “state-of-the-art missions,” with “intricately detailed settings” and tales that transport you into the heart of some of the largest movie franchises of all time. Back to the Future’s “time travel pandemonium” will find you, or the past will come straight up to the present in Jurassic World’s dinosaur adventure.

This is not the first time Universal Orlando Resort has introduced an escape room experience. The Repository was open to 26 visitors during Halloween Horror Nights. Guests confronted a sequence of chambers and found the information needed to remove the curse in this hybrid of an escape room and a virtual reality horror house.

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Universal Orlando Resort has not yet announced a release date for the brand new “multi-sensory experience.” Tickets for Universal’s Great Movie Escape will go on sale in the coming months and are expected to sell rapidly.

Will you be able to escape from the movies?

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