7 Things You Won’t Want To Miss at Universal Studios Orlando Halloween Horror Nights:

It’s that most glorious time of the year again, and I’m not referring to Christmas. Autumn is here, which means carved pumpkins and Halloween Horror Nights. Universal Studios spent a lot of time and work following up on 2020’s shortened roster to make the event’s 30th anniversary as big and monstrous as possible, and everyone involved came out on top. (The color is mostly blood crimson.) From now until October 31, genre aficionados and theme park visitors may enjoy one of the world’s most spectacular Halloween festivities, with 10 distinct haunted mazes, live concerts, fright zones, and more to enjoy.

Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 30 may almost certainly be enjoyed in its entirety without making any compromises for all the skilled planners and committed timekeepers out there. (At least not in the sense of ceremonial sacrifices.) But, for those who aren’t as schedule-oriented and prefer a more relaxed evening, I’ve compiled a list of seven must-do activities that every HHN 30 guest should prioritize before visiting the park.


The Haunting Of Hill House Maze

The Disturbing of Hill House is a fantastic idea for a Halloween Horror Nights event since it is one of television’s most painstakingly researched and emotionally haunting horror programs. Not just as a reimagining of Mike Flanagan’s Netflix series, but also as an inventive mix of tech-savvy and classic horrors that unexpectedly come near to reproducing the sadness and misery that surrounds the Crain family members, both alive and dead. (As a minor caution, familiarity with the content is highly recommended.)


The Halloween Nightmare Fuel Show

I’ll admit that, apart from crazy stunt performances, I’m hesitant to schedule live entertainment in amusement parks. The Halloween Nightmare Fuel event, on the other hand, is a real blast from start to finish, especially for anyone in need of a seat and a boost of energy. To avoid giving anything away, the performance combines coordinated dance, high-flying acrobatics, jaw-dropping pyrotechnics, and a few more spectacular surprises, all set to bass-heavy metal songs. If you only have time for one of the two evening shows, make it this one. (However, if you have the time, don’t overlook Marathon of Mayhem Carnage Factory, which is also fantastic.)


The HHN Icons: Captured Maze

Halloween Horror Nights has created a tiny universe of unique characters and canonical tales over the course of its 30-year history, and nowhere is that universe more on display than in the HHN Icons: Captured Maze. From The Director to the Harley Quinn-esque Chance to The Caretaker to the king of them all, Jack the Clown, visitors will walk through a buffet of deadly pleasures, with each sub-section dedicated to the parks’ most wonderfully wicked creatures and ghouls. Even if you’ve never heard of these characters before, you’ll remember them once you’ve left.

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The Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store

While there are many of purchasing opportunities at Universal Studios Orlando, the yearly HHN Tribute Store is the finest location to spend your money during the Halloween season. Because not only does the store include items that aren’t easily accessible anywhere else, but it’s also a frightening feast for the eyes, with lots of picture opportunities. Themed as a Victorian mansion, this year’s Tribute House is a perfect complement to the Hill House maze.


Exclusive Halloween Horror Nights Food And Drinks

This is the most ambiguous of all the items mentioned here, because there’s a vast quantity of speciality snacks and beverages for any type of park-taste goer’s buds, and it’s impossible to try them all in one night. Personally, I could have made myself unhappy by scarfing down a lot of the above-mentioned Jack’d Donut Sliders while drowning those calories with Ghoul Juice. But it’s not like the Bourbon Candied Pork Belly, Field of Screams Gyoza, or Dulce Pumpkin Spiced Churros aren’t delicious. Check out the whole list of special nibbles and beverages to help you plan your trips.


The Beetlejuice Maze

The day has finally arrived for anybody who has waited their entire lives to see Tim Burton’s 1988 masterpiece Beetlejuice. (It also, strangely, features a waiting room, since there are few things more horrifying.) The Beetlejuice labyrinth at Halloween Horror Nights is a fantastic homage to the film, bringing many of the film’s most vivid locales and famous scenes to life. It also commemorates Beetlejuice’s position as the first Icon for the Halloween Horror Nights event, which was then named Fright Nights (and lasted only three nights). Thankfully, sweetie, this Beetlejuice does more than two shows every night.


The Jack’d Up Experience

The HHN 30 exclusive Jack’d Up Experience is a mini-maze devoted entirely to the history and lore of Halloween Horror Night’s Jack the Clown. While not technically located within any of the Universal Studios Orlando parks, the HHN 30 exclusive Jack’d Up Experience is a mini-maze devoted entirely to the history and lore of Halloween Horror Night’s Jack the Clown. Jack’d Up is located in the Cabana Bay Beach Resort and is open to anybody staying at any of the Universal hotels, even if they are not attending HHN. It’s worth noting that this should be done well ahead of time, or the day following the park visit, as there will almost certainly be a line.

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If you’re looking for something more to do at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights, I’d recommend spending some time strolling around the 30 Years 30 Fears and Gorewood Forest fright zones, which looked to have the creepiest walk-around characters and well-designed set pieces. The Bride of Frankenstein and Revenge of the Tooth Fairy mazes are also excellent, and the aforementioned Marathon of Mayhem show is a terrific eye-catcher with its water and light elements.

Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Evenings is open on select nights from now through October 31, and it’s not becoming any less popular in the interim, so make a reservation!

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