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Step into Minion Mania: Universal Orlando Resort Debuts Minion Land

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Universal Orlando Resort Unveils Minion Land: A Whimsical Marvel of Mischievous Magic

The much-anticipated Minion Land on Illumination Avenue has officially burst to life at Universal Orlando Resort. Embarking on a whimsical journey, visitors of all ages are now immersed in the fantastical universe of the beloved Minions franchise, nestled within the enchanting realm of Universal Studios Florida. A remarkable collaboration between Universal’s imaginative artisans and the visionary minds at Illumination has birthed this captivating haven, ushering in an era of boundless Minion mayhem.

Step into the Heart of Minion Land: A charming “Minion Land” entrance welcomes guests with 22 charming Minion characters, setting the tone for the enchanting adventures ahead. Meandering along Illumination Avenue, the chaos escalates, highlighted by the groundbreaking attraction – Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast – granting daring adventurers the opportunity to embark on a villainous journey. Culinary delights await at Minion Cafe, while Pop-a-Nana entices with its delectable banana-flavored popcorn. Quench your thirst for fun with an array of frozen treats at Freeze Ray Pops. Retail therapy takes center stage at Bake My Day and the Evil Stuff retail store, offering exclusive Minion-inspired treasures. Amidst the laughter, the renowned Despicable Me Minion Mayhem promises hilarious antics, while the Illumination Theater hosts a vibrant array of beloved characters, inviting guests to revel in laughter and camaraderie.

A Closer Look at Minion Land’s Exhilarating Experiences:


villian con minion blast universal
📷 Credit: Universal

Dive into the immersive universe of Villain-Con Minion Blast, a groundbreaking attraction combining intricate sets, interactive game-based technology, and an original storyline. Embrace your inner villain as you journey through this one-of-a-kind experience, testing your prowess to join the infamous Vicious 6 from “Minions: The Rise of Gru.” Elevating the adventure, Villain-Con Minion Blast marks Universal Orlando Resort’s first attraction with connected gameplay via The Official Universal Orlando Resort App. Sync your blaster with the app, unlock special missions, power-ups, and digital collectibles, taking your escapade to unprecedented heights.

Minion Cafe scaled[]

Immerse yourself in the delightful ambiance of Illumination’s Minion Cafe, a culinary haven boasting three themed areas inspired by fan-favorite Minions – Kevin, Stuart, Bob, and Otto. From the Kitchen to the Breakroom and the Dining Room, this eatery caters to all ages with inventive dishes showcasing the essence of the Minions. An outdoor patio overlooking Minion Land adds to the allure, while an express window offers swift service for eager adventurers.

bake my day tour collage minion
Unveil a whimsical treasure trove at Bake My Day, a delightful retail haven adorned with a colossal pink cupcake. Sample a variety of Minion-themed sweet treats, including cupcakes, macarons, and s’mores. Exclusive Minion merchandise, from apparel to plush toys, complete the experience.


Embrace your inner villain with a trip to Evil Stuff, a unique retail haven offering an array of Villain-Con and Minion merchandise, perfect for those seeking a dash of mischief.

Illumination Theater minion
Experience the magic of Illumination Theater, a rendezvous with beloved characters from Illumination films, including Minions, Gru, Margo, Edith, Agnes, and new favorites from “Sing” – Rosita, Gunter, and Johnny.


Delight in the Minions’ banana obsession at Pop-a-Nana, a walk-up location serving a delectable selection of popcorn flavors, including the signature banana flavor.

Minion Land Freeze Ray Pops Review
Cool down with a visit to Freeze Ray Pops, a walk-up window offering a spectrum of frozen treats inspired by Gru, the Minions, and Vector.

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem[]
Credit: universal
Experience the uproarious Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, an iconic simulator attraction that transforms guests into Minions, igniting a whirlwind of laughter and camaraderie.

Karen Irwin, President & COO of Universal Orlando Resort, exclaims, “Minion Land extends a warm invitation to our guests, inviting them to immerse themselves in this extraordinary realm. Crafted through a remarkable partnership with Illumination, this vibrant expansion offers an unmissable dive into the essence of this beloved franchise. Bursting with dynamic experiences, Minion Land promises endless joy for all our guests.”

Chris Meledandri, Founder and CEO of Illumination, adds, “Following our exploration of Villain-Con in the inaugural MINIONS film, we realized that countless tales remained untold. I am truly thrilled for visitors of all ages to unveil the wonders of our new Minion Land, including the inventive and engaging adventure at Villain-Con Minion Blast. Here, they can engage in combat with our cherished villains from the Despicable Me series, from the iconic Vector to the nefarious collective, The Vicious 6.” is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program. Some links may be affiliate links. We may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these.

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