30 Stays in 30 Days: How Much Would It Cost?

The Bucket List Family are partaking in the 30 Stays in 30 Days challenge with Disney. Over the course of one month they’re spending one night each in all 30 of Walt Disney World resort’s offerings. It sounds like fun and it also sounds expensive, but how expensive?

To figure out the cost of this challenge I factored in room cost, park passes, and food for a family of four and used dates during this month for room rates.

In total, a challenge like this can cost between $21,000 and nearly $24,000 depending on some of the details. That’s a pretty big bill for one month of Disney. So how does that break down?

Well first up let’s talk about the whole crux of the challenge. The rooms. For this estimate I used all of the Disney owned resorts on property, including their DVC villas. Conveniently that totals out to 30 offerings. Considering this whole “challenge” is being done in partnership with Disney as a promotion, it makes sense to assume that they’re going to use this to highlight their own hotels, so I left out the few non-Disney owned hotels on property such as the Swan, Dolphin, and Shades of Green.

The cost of 30 rooms, one of each, with tax came out to $13,417.59. One major note here is that like the Bucket List family trip, this includes a night at the a Polynesian Villa Bungalow, which alone costs $2500 a night! A night at each of the value resorts and the campsites in Fort Wilderness totals $717. All of the moderates? $1240. At the deluxe level the price really jumps, at $3781 for a night in each hotel. Finally ,for a night at each of the villas on Disney property you’d be looking to pay $7678, again with $2500 of that just being a night at the Bungalow!

Now, if a family of four with two kids is going to spend a full month on Disney World property, you can bet they’re going to spend plenty of time at the parks. Enough so that it makes sense to just get annual passes for them. I aso figure with a full month they’ll want to do more than just the parks so I opted for the Platinum Plus Pass which included the water parks. Two adult and two children passes total out to $3,701.96.

Last up, and this is where the variables kick in that can change the total, is food. A family has to eat right? I estimated out three different options when it came to food using the Disney Dining Calculator on DisTripPlanner.com. On the cheaper end I estimated three quick-service meals a day for two adults and two kids, totaling $4347 for the month. Then I switched it around to two quick-service and one table service for a total of $5504 for the month. Lastly with one quick-service and two table-service a day, you’re looking at $6,660 spent just for food.

With everything combined it comes out to $21,466.55 on the cheaper end and $23,780.15 on the more expensive end.
Now I know people are going to say that there are ways to save money there. You can order groceries and eat at the hotel. Maybe buy second-hand DVC points, and they’re right. This can be done cheaper. That said I’d argue that if you’re trying to think economically, than the 30 Stays in 30 Days challenge isn’t a good idea to begin with. The cheapest option for a month at Disney is probably subletting an Orlando apartment or something.

Anyway there you have it. The vacation of a lifetime and a chance to experience every resort Disney World has to offer and all for the low low price of… you know… twenty-four grand. What I’d love to hear from you is: which resort out of the full list of Disney World hotels would you want to stay at the most? Let me know in the comments below!

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