A Disney World Park visitor inadvertently films her friend being rejected by Gaston.

If you’ve ever read any of the testimonies from people who worked as characters at Disney World, you’ll realize how serious they take their employment. They will frequently reply to you in character and preserve “kayfabe” (as pro-wrestling fans refer to it) under any circumstances, even extreme heat.

And, while everyone has a favorite Disney Prince/Princess/Good Guy with whom they connect, it’s difficult to argue that they’re more entertaining than some of the studio’s villains.

Gaston, for example.

Gaston, the haughty, arrogant, muscular villain from Beauty and the Beast who takes rejection like a first-year frat bro whose father is a lawyer, has a strange charm of his own. His film status as “the worst” has luckily been carried on in Disney’s theme parks.

Fans like engaging with the character, and even when different park staff don the black wig, red tunic, imitation muscle-suit, and leather boots, he never fails to wow.

There are lots of examples of amazing Gaston-isms documented by Disney Parks fans on the internet, whether it’s defeating people in push-up contests, referring to his “biceps” as twins, or being polite (in his Gaston way) to young kids who are truly delighted to see him.

However, one of the most direct, on-brand Gaston exchanges to go viral recently comes from Grace Foltz and her buddy, who decided to travel to Disney World together to burn off some steam.

Steph traveled into Florida to help a friend who was going through a difficult break-up; if you’ve ever been in that situation, you know how difficult it is just to get outdoors and do anything.

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They saw Gaston as they strolled through the park toward the Splash Mountain rollercoaster.

Grace made the decision to summon the Disney World figure, telling Insider that she “”On the spur of the moment,” I decided to cry out to him, “Gaston! My partner recently ended our relationship. Will you accompany me on my date?”

Without missing a beat, Gaston returned with a wonderfully in-character roast: “Sorry, I’m searching for the most beautiful woman in town,” he said to Grace, who appeared equally startled and thrilled in the brief TikTok film. Examine it out for yourself:


nooooo one roasts like Gaston #disneyworld #gaston #beautyandthebeast #wdw #waltdisneyworldparks @gfoltzinator

♬ original sound – Steph Swift

“I looked at Steph and I said, ‘I’m going to say something to Gaston. She happened to whip her phone out right as I was about to say it,” Grace said.

After being burned, Grace turns to the camera and asks, “Did I just get roasted?”

Gaston’s quick thinking is aided by the fact that both Grace and Steph used to work at Disney World and understood precisely what they were getting themselves into when they chose to call out the pompous, Belle-loving baddie.

“But I thought it was so funny. I have a very good sense of humor, and I absolutely 100% knew what I was getting myself into.” Grace added that after she came up with the perfect comeback, “Well, you found her.” Gaston had already walked away.

Grace’s day was enhanced by the brief meeting, which she and Steph joked about the entire time they were at the park. She doesn’t appear to mind being the target of the now-viral burn.

“I think I deserved what I got by asking Gaston to ask me out,” adding that because she’s worked at the park previously, “”I try and interact with Disney characters in funny ways. I never want to catcall them and make them uncomfortable. So I hope Gaston finds this as funny as I do.”

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