Anyone visiting Disney World should be prepared to stand in long lines, but Animal Kingdom’s new Avatar: Flight of Passage ride will truly put your patience to the test.

Since opening to the public in May 2017, the wait times for this new 3D thrill ride have peaked around five hours, and hover around a minimum of two hours.

But as a Disney park veteran, you can take my word for it — the wait is totally worth it.

Avatar Flight of Passage Wait Times Disney World 5 hour

Avatar: Flight of Passage is one of two new attractions in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. The other, Na’vi River Journey, is visually beautiful but lacks in excitement. It’s effectively a relaxing boat ride through a dark alien nature landscape.

Flight of Passage, however, is one of the most exhilarating and impressive attractions Disney has ever built.

The ride mimics an experience that the “Avatar” protagonist, Jake Sully, has in the 2009 movie. In the mythology of “Avatar,” the Na’vi people undergo a special rite of passage — hence the ride’s pun-name Flight of Passage — where each Na’vi bonds with an ikran (called a “banshee” by humans), a flying pterodactyl-esque creature.

Riders are seated in “link chairs” and put on a pair of 3D goggles, and then embark on a nearly five-minute-long experience that simulates flying on a banshee.

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